Conditions of participation


The competition takes place over three days.
There is an official Agility round, an Agility-Open and a Jumping.

The event is hold on three circles:
The official Agility rounds and the Agility-Open take place on the circles outdoor, the Jumping in the indoor riding arena.

The ranking lists of the official Agility rounds and of the Jumping are daily written for each category and size.

The ranking lists of the Agility-Open (AZC) are daily written as follows:
Class LA/L1, L2/L3, M1, M2/M3, S1 and S2/S3

The Agility-Open rounds of the classes 2 and 3 count for the Zürichseecup-Winner.

The three best teams of each size (S,M,L) get a price.

The presentation of the results of all runs and classes will take place in the restaurant, approximately 20 minutes after conclusion of the last events in the restaurant. Attendance is greatly appreciated, 20% of the starter field will be entitled to an award.

Participants with Clean Runs will be awarded a Rosette upon completion of their run.

Cup Main Prize: The winners of their respective categories will receive a decorative Swiss cowbell.